A 1TB SD card, why not?



16 years on from their first 64MB SD card, SanDisk have unveiled a 1TB SD card – the biggest SD card in the world! Although this is just a prototype. When this card will be available is unknown but, SanDisk are already boasting the card’s ability to handle 8K, and VR.

This all sounds amazing, but being a 1TB card, this will not be cheap. Also, read and write speeds will be compromised for such large storage.  Something worth considering.

Microsoft reduces OneDrive storage for Office 365 and free users


Microsoft’s turnaround of unlimited storage for Office 365 users has come from the fact that some user’s were using up to  75TB on OneDrive. This has now been caped to, still a quite large, 1TB. As for free users, the cap of 15GB has dropped to 5GB.

This will take effect next year, and those above the new limit will get a 90 day notice before the files become read-only.