Microsoft Surface Studio


Microsoft have unveiled an array of new devices including a new, more powerful Surface Book. But Microsoft have announced a new member of the Surface team, the Surface Studio. The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s first desktop PC. It’s a creative machine built for creative minds. The all-in-one machine has a vibrant 28 inch touchscreen that uses it’s “zero-gravity hinge” to fold back to a 20 degree angle.

Microsoft aims to rival Apples iMac. Looking at the device, I can see them having no problem at all. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s 12.5mm thin touchscreen is able to push 63% more pixels than a 4K display.

Inside, there are specs to rival any machine. You have a choice of a 6th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB of internal storage, 8GB of RAM and a 2GB GPU, or for an extra $500, you can get a more powerful Core i7 CPU and 6GB RAM. If you’re looking for something even better, Microsoft have you sorted with a Core i7 processor, 2TB storage, 32GB of RAM and a 4GB NVIDIA GeForce 980M graphics card.

The Surface studio is available December 15th and can be pre-ordered now. Prices range from $2,999 to $4,199.

Surface Book


Microsoft have their first laptop – the Surface Book.

Microsoft’s Surface Book is a 13.5 inch high performance laptop that rivals the MacBook Pro. It comes with either a 6th gen i5 or i7 and the option of dedicated Nvidia GeForce graphics. It also comes with either 8GB or 16 GB Ram and various storage capacity’s up to 1TB (128GB 256GB 512GB and 1TB).


The display is detachable to become much like a Surface tablet and can be docked the other way to be flipped a bit Like the Lenovo. The battery on the Surface book can last upto 12.5 hours.

Undocked, the surface Book becomes verly light. The bottom half of the laptop houses the GPU for that extra graphical performance boost for video edditing.


Intel announces Sixth Generation Core processors


Intel’s new i7 and i5 CPU’s are aimed for gamers and overclocking.

The Core i7-6700K processor is a Quad-Core 4.0GHz beast that can be turbo boosted to 4.2GHz. With overclocking it can reach 5GHz. It has a large 8MB of L3 cache. The new i5-6600K is a Quad-Core 3.5GHz with 6MB of cache with a turbo boost to 3.9GHz. Both are part of Intel’s K (unlocked range), with many more Sixth Gen possessors on the horizon.

The pair of new Sixth Gen processors come with the new LGA1151 socket – meaning a new motherboard may be required. There is also the new Z170 chipset. DDR4 RAM is used. DDR4 is much faster than DDR3, but it does come at a much higher price.