Huawei Watch


Huawei has an Android Wear smartwatch, and it has a very premium build, look and feel.

The Huawei Watch has sapphire crystal glass to go on top of its AMOLED display with a 400×400 (286 ppi) resolution. That is one of the best smartwatch screens around, and the sapphire crystal is something that is there to compete with Apple’s watch. The watch has a metal casing to complete the premium look and feel.

It comes with a 512MB RAM, 1.2Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 400, 4GB Storage and a 300mAh battery. A pretty standard spec sheet there, with the only worrying aspect being the battery. A 300mAh battery will last up to 1.5 days. Compared to the LG G Watch R and Urbane and even the 2nd gen moto 360 that 400mAh and above, the Huawei watch is behind on the battery.

Overall the watch is very good looking and has a fully round display (no Moto 360 flat tyre here).  The button on the side is located in the same position as the new 360.

This could be a watch…. to watch….


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