Xbox One streaming to Windows 10


Not going to lie, streaming your Xbox One over the internet to your PC sounds awesome, and it is. Streaming your Xbox One to Windows 10 enables you to play all your favourite games on your PC.

You are able to play PC games with your Xbox controllers. Microsoft has had the 360 controller compatibility and the Xbox One controller has followed. A wireless dongle for the Xbox One will soon be available to connect your controller to your PC, but I don’t find using a micro USB cable any issues.

As for streaming, you do not need to connect you controller to the PC. As the controller is connected to the Xbox and you are streaming the image, you can still use your Xbox controller as normal. Just click continue when prompted to connect a controller to the PC.

To stream your Xbox, you will need to ensure that you tick “Allow game streaming to other devices (beta)” is checked in the settings – preferences menu on the Xbox. Once that is ticked, head over to the Xbox app on your PC. On the left hand side is a option to connect to your Xbox one. If your Xbox is turned on, you can click the stream button, and you will start streaming. You are also able to turn on and turn off your Xbox from the App.

The streaming quality was surprisingly good. I was connected via a wired network and have not test this over the wireless yet.

The screenshots below show my step by step guide.



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