Bloatware is software that comes pre-installed on your machine,by the vendor such as Lenovo, Samsung or HP, when you first buy it.

When you buy a new Laptop, you expect it to be fast and you expect it to boot up rather quickly. After all, it is brand new. This is not always the case. Especially now. With all the pre-installed software, your new machine isn’t as quick as it should be.

Usually these are Apps that you wont use and don’t need. They take up a considerable amount or resources. This included Hard drive space and RAM. Some of these apps load on startup, meaning it is hogging system resources, like those mentioned above, when you start your machine.

You are able to uninstall these programs through Programs and Features in Windows. This lists all the software installed on your machine. You are able to uninstall those you don’t want.

Another method you could do is a clean install of the operating system, ridding it of all software installed. It is a completely new, fresh start. You can use the same product key that came with the machine (usually located on the base of a laptop or side of a desktop).

A clean version of windows 7 can be found at Microsoft’s software recovery site.


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