Are Apple playing catchup?


With the announcement of their new OS X El Capitan and the new iOS, Apple have a tone of new features. The only problem is, we have seen these features before….. not with Apple though. Most of Apple’s new features have been around for years in Microsoft, Google, Spotify and even Flipboard.

El Capitan enables you to split the screen and run two apps side by side. A feature that resembles Microsoft’s snap function in Windows since 2009. There is also a multitasking feature with iOS 9 in iPads. This enables you to run an app in a section of the screen while on another app. For example, reading your emails with a YouTube video in the corner. This has been in Android for years.

There is more….

Siri has had a redesign and has a proactive feature. The easiest way to explain what this is and what it does is Google Now. Giving you information you want, when you want it. Google Now has even gone further with it’s new ” Now on tap” feature that will come with the new Android M. Apples new News app is a clear rip-off from Flipboard. Even the design is similar.

Apple have been playing catch-up for a while now. They were at the forefront of technology, innovative and exciting.  Microsoft and Android would the ones playing catchup, as was the case with the fingerprint scanners. What’s gone wrong for Apple? Even their phones if compared to the latest Android phones don’t come close spec wise.  The Apple watch, something thought to ace it in the wearable’s department with Apple taking their time over the release, is not a great watch. But yet, they seem to sell well in every department.

Apple users will still buy the latest Apple products, even with their ridiculous pricing and lack of all ready there features in competitors products. This is what Apple have always been good at, selling.


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