Moto G (1st Gen)

Moto G

This budget phone packs a 1.2 Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM, and for only £90 when I got it, it does a fantastic job of doing what I need it to do.

The phone can freeze at times and it can be a bit sluggish when you have several apps open, but overall the performance of this does what I need it to do. Now running the new Android Lollipop, the only issue I have is the internal storage. I fhave the 8GB version. This also comes in 16GB. For me, 8GB is fine if your just installing limited apps and have a few pictures. But if you want to store music and have the apps you want, I feel space may become an issue.

I do not have many apps installed, and I do not have any music. On the device I have 1GB of photos and ony 1.5GB of storage left.  This can cause problems in the long term, with app updates.

The phone has a basic 5MP rear camera. The low megapixels performs well in a range of conditions, including low light. The same cannot be said for the front 1.2MP camera. I would not recommend video calling.

The 720 x 1280 resolution (326), makes for a good  720p screen. and i can not complain for the price.

Battery life on the Moto G is superb. I2,070mAh battery is non-removable, but  I still end the day on 30% with good use. Texting throughout the day, phone calls, web browsing, and social networking. This is on top of having my Wi-Fi and bluetooth on constantly to connect to my LG G Watch R and my Pebble.

Overall I do love this phone. It is something I chose to have in the short term and it has served me exceptionally well. This is, to the most part, due to the quad-core 1.;2 Ghz processor. This is a great choice for someone who wants a phone for basic every day use. It is a value for money phone.


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