LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R – The watch i have been dying to get my hands on and finally have! I have had it for just over 2 weeks now, and I must say, I am impressed.

It was LG or Motorola. And the watch like design of the LG caught my eye and with a full circular display unlike the flat tyre you get on the Moto 360. Android Wear works seamlessly on the device. Smooth interactions and the easy to use cards. The LG G Watch R is a watch i cant help but admire. THe quality build and the fantastic screen, not to forget, this is the watch with the best battery life with a 410mAh battery!

Android wear enables me to not only view notifications via emails, texts or Whatsapp, but reply to them via voice. Replying to my messages has never been easier. The only downfall is Whatsapp. I cant seem to sent my messages from my watch through Whatsapp. A bug i am hoping is fixed soon as it has impressed.

Dismissing notifications also dismisses them from your phone itself. The latest update enables you to undo the card you may have mistakenly swiped to the right, enabling you to get it back if dismissed mistakenly.

I get weather updates, sport scores, messages, emails, journey information, Google maps. All on my wrist. This is an extension for my phone, NOT a replacement. And it does it so well. I look forward to further compatible apps.

The LG watch also has a heart rate monitor. I cant say how accurate this really is, and sometimes it doesn’t work. It is not a feature i use often and i am glad its no constantly monitoring.

It’s range of watch faces and the Android Wear OS, makes this watch a good addition. It’s comfortable on the wrist and not on the heavy size. The screen size is just perfect. And although smaller than the Moto 360, it uses the entire circle. It uses a P-OLED screen and is visible in the sunlight. I always have the brightness on the minimum to save battery, and i can still see the watch clearly in sunlight.
This is a watch i would greatly recommend. The £200 price tag is a bit steep and the LG G Watch R2 is in the works. For me – 4G on a watch is not needed and is battery draining. This is a companion, an extension to your phone. Not a replacement. It does a fantastic job.


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