The Pebble Smartwatch


I’ve had the pebble for 7 months now, and for me, I cant live without it. It does everything i require from a smart watch. Yes, it looks like you have a computer on your wrist but i can’t fault the features. This kickstarter was a success. From it’s simple easy to look at watch faces, to viewing your emails and text, the Pebble does what it needs to make a persons life a bit easier.

The Good

The Pebble is very customisable, and with a battery that lasts for 5-7 days, It is a lot less hassle compared to the competition there is now. This lengthy battery life is due to it’s e-paper display. The lack of a touchscreen plays to its advantage in this sense and I found the Pebble very easy to navigate with the buttons. The display adjusts automatically with light, and has a backlight for those dark times. Due to it’s built in accelerometer, a quick flick of the wrist is the easiest way to get the backlight on.

With the accelerometer, the watch is able to have fitness capabilities. It has a large amount of apps that can track your steps and can show you information when you go on a run, such as distance, speed and time. These are all displayed on your watch and can be later reviewed on your phone with the companion app.

Another nifty feature is that it is waterproof, so you don’t have to take extra care when in the shower or washing up. This is another advantage over the majority of its competitors.

The Bad

Although the pebble has some great features, there are, unsurprisingly, some bad ones too.

The screen is very scratch-prone. I have a few scratches on mine, and although i don’t notice them day-to-day, they are there and can be very annoying at times. Also it does look like a computer on your wrist and can be big on some people. The display has good points as mentioned above, but the lack of colour puts it behind all other smart watches. It is expected that a smart watch has a colour display, and even the pebble steel with its fresher more stylish design lacks this feature.


As a whole I absolutely love this product. With the release of the round faced Moto 360 and expected LG G Watch R, I still am more than happy with this kickstarter watch. It does everything I require . Its simple to use and doesn’t over do it. The lack of a colour display and touch functions are not a hassle and the long battery life is amazing.

The Pebble is proof that a smartwatch can be successful and that  a bright future is ahead for wearables.


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