Apple Watch: First Impressions

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

So its been a few days since the Apple Watch was reviled. It will come in 3 editions, the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Edition.

My thoughts as soon as i saw it were mainly to do with design, both inside and out. It is Apple after all, and I would of thought after seeing what the competitors are bring out, they would have done something special. Maybe a round face like the Moto 360? The watch seems a little thick and when viewing all your apps, it just looks messy. and although the fact it comes in a variety of colors, it doesn’t change my opinion of a poor design. Though it does have a variety of watch faces. Flicking up from the bottom is an easy way to get to your most important apps. From there you can swipe left to go from app to app, including, messages, maps and fitness (as fitness is a big thing for this watch). The watch also has built-in infrared and LED sensors accurately record your pulse rate, which is great.
The sapphire display is impressive, and the digital crown on the right hand side may come in very handy as the screen may be too small to use the touch. The crown can be used for navigation and zoom. Below that is another button which will take you strait to your contacts, which is nifty.


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